Foot & Ankle Surgery

Bunion Surgery
Involves an incision along the top or side of the big toe joint and the realignment or removal of bone and soft tissue. This surgery helps restore normal alignment to the joint while relieving pain.

When a surgeon cuts and repositions a bone, it is referred to as an osteotomy. There are two basic techniques used to perform an osteotomy to realign the bunion or first metatarsal.

Ankle Fusion
An ankle fusion is a procedure to reduce the pain associated with ankle arthritis. This does so by getting the bones around the ankle to grow together. The surgery requires the removal of the joint cartilage, proper positioning of the ankle and foot, and placement of screws, plates, rods, or pins to hold the position while the bone knits together into a solid painless structure.

Ankle Replacement
This procedure is also known as total ankle arthroplasty (TAA). Anle replacement surgery is a technique that has developed in recent years to improve an ankle joint that has been severely damaged by arthritis.

Dr. Joehaimey Bin Johari is our Sessional Consultant Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery. He graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia with MD degree in 1996 and Masters of Orthopaedic surgery in 2004 and completed Fellowship of spinal surgery from Ministry Of Health in 2013. He completed training for Stichless Spine surgery Under Local Anesthesia for Lumbar which includes Endoscopic Surgery and Pain Relieve Surgery for Lower Back Pain at Prime Surgery Center conducted by Dr Satischandra Gore at Pune India in February 2015.
Dr. Joehaimey Bin Johari has special work in Lower Back Pain management especially for prolapse intervertebral Disc (slipped disc), Denegenerative disc disease (lumbar spinal stenosis and radiculopathy) in elderly, Osteoporotic Back Pain and Spinal Trauma. The main interest for him is pain management for lower back which include stichless spine surgery for lower back and intradiscal transforaminal decompression of the nerve.
In the field of medical education, Dr Joehaimey Bin Johari was involved in clinical training, tutorial and lectures for undergraduates and postgraduate students of HUSM. He also involved in major undergraduate and postgraduates examination as an examiner and also reviewer for International Medical Journal. Currently he is working at Hospital USM at Kubang Kerian as Consultant Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery.He has been treating referral spine patients from all all over Malaysia especially from Northern and Eastern Malaysia.
Dr Joehaimey Johari served the Ministry Of Health for 19 years before taking a new challenge by joining the University in May 2015. With vast exposures in clinical experiences and overseas he hopes he can deliver the best and latest treatment for the spinal patients especially patients with the chronic lower back pain.
At KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital, he provides consultation and related procedures for spinal problems and lower back pain management. His clinic open only on Friday from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.