Kidney / Nephrology


Nephrology or knowledge of diseases of kidney and the specialists who are trained in this field are called nephrologists. Nephrologists treat patients with kidney disorders and manage transplant protocols in hospitals and for transplant networks. Nephrologists also manage dialysis centers and programs. Like other sub specialists, nephrologists serve an additional residency in their field, beyond the standard training and they are trained in other aspects of internal medicine, and how renal failure can cause other body systems to fail.

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. Gan Kian Seong is our Consultant Physician and Nephrologist. He has worked in a number of hospitals as a Physician and Nephrologist. He has vast experience in treating inpatients and outpatients cases. His areas of expertise include managing nephrology conditions such as acute and chronic kidney disease, SLE, glomerulonephritis, dialysis and kidney transplantation. Others area of expertise include medical conditions in Endocrinology (Hormonal), Respiratory Medicine, Non-Interventional General Cardiovascular Disease, Gastrointestinal Disease, General Haematology, General Rheumatology and Neurological Disorders.   He is a Member of Royal College of UK, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, Malaysia Society of Nephrology and Malaysia Society of Transplantation. Dr. Gan also provides General Health Screening including Stress Test for heart. He is Good Clinical Practice and NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Healthy) certified. Dr Gan is providing independent and consultant-led inpatient and outpatient care. He is also able to recognize and give appropriate treatment in a wide range of renal and medical conditions. Dr Gan is doing procedures on Renal biopsy (native kidney and transplant kidney), Internal jugular/femoral/subclavian catheter insertion & removal. Tunneled catheter insertion for hemodialysis (Permcath). For general medical the procedures like : CVP line insertion/ chest tube insertion/bone marrow procedure/lumbar puncture/pleural tap & biopsy/peritoneal tap etc can be done.