Accident & Emergency

Accident and Emergency department (A&E) or also called as emergency department (ED) department, provides initial treatment to patients who require immediate care for a wide array of illnesses ranging from life threatening conditions such as heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure etc or conditions related to road traffic accidents or industrial injuries and require immediate attention. The emergency department at Hospital operated round the clock, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Dr. Nooruljinan is our Medical Officer & Occupational Health Doctor (OHD). She graduated from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore in 1993.
Joined KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital on 2009 and was appointed as Medical Officer In-Charge for A&E Department (2009-2016). She graduated MBBS from University Mangalore, India in 1993. She underwent her Housemanship at Kasturba Medical College Hospital and Penang General Hospital in 1994. Followed by her service as Medical Officer at Alor Setar General Hospital (1995-1996) and Sik District Hospital (1996-1997). She had done freelance and later joined Joe Fernandez Clinic as General Practitioner (1998-2009).
She interested in Occupation and Safety Health and pursued her study in UKM in year 2004. Obtained OHD (Occupational Health Doctor) Diploma Certificate in 2006. Aside from her vast exposure in the Medical Emergency cases and Occupational Health Diseases. She also did Medical Surveillance for numerous corporate companies as required by DOSH.
She is currently Medical Officer In-charge for Wellness Clinic and Wakaf Clinic at KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital. She has wide experience in conducting Medical Check-up for Perkeso, Pre-employment Medical Check Up, Executive Health Screening and also Health Screening for tourism from Indonesia.
In the field of medical education, Dr Noorul also contributed to development of the younger generation medical student in clinical attachment at KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital.

Dr Juanna Johan has graduated as a Medical Officer from Moscow Medical Academy in Russia in 2011. She underwent her housemanship in Hospital Melaka until 2013. After her housemanship, she was transferred to Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah, Muar to serve as Medical Officer in Medical department. Later on, her request to return back to Penang was approved where she continued serving in Emergency Department Hospital Seberang Jaya for 3 years.

A fully qualified medical officer and highly competent in acute, critical and emergency medicine, she also facilitate junior doctors, nurses, medical assistants and public in basic life skill courses, participate in disaster drill and standby for various occassions involving local and international leaders. Hardworking, diligent and a caring doctor with good interpersonal skills. Fully registered with Malaysian Medical Council with a valid APC. Fluent in English and Malay language and additional Russian language.

At KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital, she provides consultation and related procedures for accident and emergency problems.